That’s right! You heard it here first! Jake Puckerman was just cast in the CW Hit show, Secrets in Heartland! That show has so much drama in character, but lately there has been just as much drama out of character as well. 

Marley Rose who plays Scott Mason is the former girlfriend of Jake Puckerman, the two broke up last month and she has since been seen and presumed to be dating Ryder Lynn, her on screen boyfriend. 

Jake will be making his first appearance in the 1x20, which they begin filming sexy Monday, he will be playing Jace Winstead, a new kid from New York. There has been no set trope for his character yet, we don’t know if he will be opposite his former girl to stir up drama between Scaden or if he will be there for something else. It’s said he has signed on to do the last three episodes of season 1 and signed on for season 2.

It’s gotta be awkward for new couple Ryder and Marley, especially since it’s been rumored that Jake isn’t exactly happy about their relationship, but then again Jake’s been rumored to be dating fellow dancer, Brittany Pierce.

Either way, Secrets in Heartland never fails to entertain us with it’s drama, on AND off screen. 

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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