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Just a week after Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose, better known as JARLEY broke up, it seems like Marley Rose has moved on and moved on with her on screen boyfriend, Ryder Lynn. 

Even though Ryder Lynn denied any romantic relationship between the two a few days a go, it didn’t seem that way today. 

The two were caught during a lunch break from their show, Secrets in Heartland, and while that seems innocent enough, but someone decided to take a little snippity snap photos of them and it doesn’t look like the two are ‘just friends’ to me.

People who were at the small sandwich shop said they were being very affectionate [i.e. handing holding, forehead kissing, cheek kissing, and nose bumping] and Ryder remained very close to her the entire time they were together. The following even coming from a fan’s twitter!

  • @lillyjean: omg ryder lynn and marley rose are here and they totally just kissed! omg omg omg! #socute

They apparently ate lunch in the small diner and then left hand in hand. 

Despite the fact that both have denied a romantic relationship, it seems like their actions spell different for us. 


~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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