Yes ladies [and gentleman], get your panties out of the bunch they’ve been in since yesterday when the news broke that there could be a little bit of a romance going on between Ryder Lynn and his Secrets in Heartland costar, Marley Rose. Yesterday he was asked by our reporters on his way home from a photoshoot if anything was going on, to which he replied with the following.

"She’s one of my closest friends, she’s an amazing girl, and c’mon man she just broke up with her boyfriend and I’m her friend, of course I’m gonna be there for her, but just in a friend way. I’m most definitely single and available."

It seems like Ryder has stomped out any sort of rumors about there being a possible romance between him and Marley. I’m personally, kind of sad about it, they’d make a super cute couple.

Looks like Marley is having no luck in the love department nowadays, but it’s good news for us because we can all now pretend like we actually have a chance with Ryder, keep feeding out fantasies, sweetie, WE LOVE IT!

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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