That’s right! You heard it here first! Jake Puckerman was just cast in the CW Hit show, Secrets in Heartland! That show has so much drama in character, but lately there has been just as much drama out of character as well. 

Marley Rose who plays Scott Mason is the former girlfriend of Jake Puckerman, the two broke up last month and she has since been seen and presumed to be dating Ryder Lynn, her on screen boyfriend. 

Jake will be making his first appearance in the 1x20, which they begin filming sexy Monday, he will be playing Jace Winstead, a new kid from New York. There has been no set trope for his character yet, we don’t know if he will be opposite his former girl to stir up drama between Scaden or if he will be there for something else. It’s said he has signed on to do the last three episodes of season 1 and signed on for season 2.

It’s gotta be awkward for new couple Ryder and Marley, especially since it’s been rumored that Jake isn’t exactly happy about their relationship, but then again Jake’s been rumored to be dating fellow dancer, Brittany Pierce.

Either way, Secrets in Heartland never fails to entertain us with it’s drama, on AND off screen. 

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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It’s about time some drama comes out of Secrets in Heartland that isn’t people playing love triangle musical chairs!

Sebastian Smythe, who plays Silas Bentley on the hit TV show has some shade being thrown his way on twitter, facebook, and instagram [If you don’t follow him on instagram you should, MAJOR HOTTIE], by both males and females alike.

Smythe, who plays a very out and proud gay man on Secrets in Heartland might swing that way in real life as well, sources say that he’s held relationships with members of both genders. Well not real relationships, more like sexual relationships.

In fact, his promiscuity has caused him problems in the past, mostly with girls who probably thought after a night of hooking up made them think that he was their boyfriend.

Recently, it’s come from the two people he’s been seen with a lot recently, the unnamed female and male in the photos above.

Both have been in a twitter war with one another saying that Sebastian is in a committed relationship with both of them, but who knows since nothing has actually come from Sebastian himself.

Maybe it’s time to hang up the sleeping around gloves and start looking for real love? Because this only seems to be getting you into trouble.

Either way, we love you for it, Seb.

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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Just a week a go, it was reported that Secrets in Heartland actress, Quinn Fabray landed her first major movie role, in which she will be shooting in Paris and Normandy during her off time from Secrets in Heartland. She is using her hiatus week to spend in Paris going over negations for her contract and starting to plan for the film.

What no one expected was her costar, newly single Santana Marie who plays her girlfriend on the hit show to fly to Paris to be with Quinn! There have been rumors swirling about both girls for the past week saying that they are more than just friends, last night only seemed to fuel those rumors a little bit more.

Both girls were caught by out camera’s leaving a restaurant hand in hand and staying very close to each other. It doesn’t seem like a friendly night out, more like a ‘date night’. Neither girl has commented on their possibly newly bloomed romance, maybe because Santana just ended a near four year relationship with their costar, Artie Abrams, maybe it’s to spare his feelings.

They sure weren’t thinking about his feelings last night when they stepped out for a romantic walk around Paric, ultimately landing them at the Fiffel Tower, sadly our camera’s lost them after that, but we can only imagine what happened next seeing as they were at one of the most romantic spots in the world. 

All, love.

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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The past couple of weeks haven’t exactly been good ones for Secrets in Heartland actor, Artie Abrams. First it was announced that he and long time girlfriend, Santana Marie broke up after nearly four years of dating, then rumors of her moving on quickly with costar Quinn Fabray came out, then he took a nasty spill over a table at a public event and rumors of alcohol being a factor in that surfaced. It seems like he’s been on a string of bad luck that just hasn’t stopped.

AND TODAY WAS NO DIFFERENT. The 22 year old was seen out getting coffee on Sunset today with the company of a cane. It seems like he was having some trouble walking, which could be attributed to the fall he took last week or for other unknown reasons. There have been no recorded reports of him being injured after the event other than a few bruises and a severe case of embarrassment.

While we don’t know exactly what is going on, we wish him the best and a speedy recovery!

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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Just a few days a go it was released that Quinn Fabray got a role in an upcoming movie that will be filming in Paris, she is using her week off from shooting her popular TV show to fly to Paris and do contract negotiations, which explains why she’s headed off to Paris for the time being, but that doesn’t explain why her costar and on screen love interest Santana Marie flew to Paris earlier today.

She was caught at the LAX earlier with a hefty suit case and seemed to be laying low, but our cameras caught her as she was heading for the gate. She wasn’t answering any questions but it’s said she was boarding a flight to Paris. 

Since the show began filming, Marie and Fabray have been close friends, but due to a recent break up with her long term boyfriend, it seems like Santana is spending a bit more time with her costar. There have been pictures of her coming and going to the Fabray-Rose apartment at all hours and vice versa.

Could there be something more? Could Quinntana be a new thing? Are both girls taking a dip in the lady pond? 

Time will only tell.

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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Just a week after Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose, better known as JARLEY broke up, it seems like Marley Rose has moved on and moved on with her on screen boyfriend, Ryder Lynn. 

Even though Ryder Lynn denied any romantic relationship between the two a few days a go, it didn’t seem that way today. 

The two were caught during a lunch break from their show, Secrets in Heartland, and while that seems innocent enough, but someone decided to take a little snippity snap photos of them and it doesn’t look like the two are ‘just friends’ to me.

People who were at the small sandwich shop said they were being very affectionate [i.e. handing holding, forehead kissing, cheek kissing, and nose bumping] and Ryder remained very close to her the entire time they were together. The following even coming from a fan’s twitter!

  • @lillyjean: omg ryder lynn and marley rose are here and they totally just kissed! omg omg omg! #socute

They apparently ate lunch in the small diner and then left hand in hand. 

Despite the fact that both have denied a romantic relationship, it seems like their actions spell different for us. 


~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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It seems like a lot of stories are coming out of the cast for Secrets in Heartland. Quinn Fabray, who plays Kennedy Moore on the hit show certainly wasn’t hiding from the paparazzi tonight, she was too busy having a good time!

Fabray was seen at Skybar having the time of her life, dancing, drinking, laughing, being very cuddly with friends. She was dancing with males and females alike, maybe miss Fabray is taking a que’s from her character on the show and dipping into the lady pond? Who knows, she could just be having some fun.

The last we thought she was cozying up to local restaurant owner Nick Jacobs, he was no where to be seen tonight and it didn’t look like she was missing him at all. After a few fun filled hours at Skybar, the beautiful blonde left alone, but was said that she said she was en-route to her costar Santana Lopez’ house, saying that she “Missed her.” 

It seems the two have been spending more time together, Lopez was seen leaving the Fabray-Rose apartment early the other morning, but hey! we don’t know anything for sure.

Could our favorite lesbian almost power couple on TV be going real life? We don’t know, but there’s only so much we can hope for!

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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Yes ladies [and gentleman], get your panties out of the bunch they’ve been in since yesterday when the news broke that there could be a little bit of a romance going on between Ryder Lynn and his Secrets in Heartland costar, Marley Rose. Yesterday he was asked by our reporters on his way home from a photoshoot if anything was going on, to which he replied with the following.

"She’s one of my closest friends, she’s an amazing girl, and c’mon man she just broke up with her boyfriend and I’m her friend, of course I’m gonna be there for her, but just in a friend way. I’m most definitely single and available."

It seems like Ryder has stomped out any sort of rumors about there being a possible romance between him and Marley. I’m personally, kind of sad about it, they’d make a super cute couple.

Looks like Marley is having no luck in the love department nowadays, but it’s good news for us because we can all now pretend like we actually have a chance with Ryder, keep feeding out fantasies, sweetie, WE LOVE IT!

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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Apparently not everyone is taking the Artana breaking as well as Santana Marie, because her now, ex boyfriend, Artie Abrams arrived to speak to press seemingly drunk! It seems like the 22 year old actor is taking his break up with costar, Santana Marie, very hard.

He showed up to an event and began talking to press when he took a very messy dive over a table. 

Inside sources side he did not trip or lose his footing, he just fell, and a lot of people believe that he may have been drinking before showing up and just blacked out for a moment. Someone even said he even smelled a bit of alcohol, oops!

Could there be some more trouble for Mr. Abrams? Are you gonna add alcoholic to the list of things he is becoming lately? Girlfriend-less being at the top of that list. HOPEFULLY NOT. 

Let’s just hope this was all a misunderstanding.

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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Quinn Fabray who plays our favorite sassy fun power lesbian on Secrets in Heartland doesn’t have the same tastes as her character, Kennedy has. While Kennedy spends her time diving head first into the lady pond, it’s now the same for Quinn. Looks like we might have a new little love thing going on here.

Over the weekend, Fabray and Nick Jacobs, a high end restaurant owner from L.A. were seen looking very cuddling at a public event.

The two were seen holding hands, hugging, cuddling, and even sharing a kiss or two. 

No one has confirmed anything but the proof sure seems to be in the pudding. 

Finally some happy news coming from the set of Secrets in Heartland. Happy love day, Quinn!

~xoxo Your Favorite Secret Spiller.

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